From Canada to Adelaide – 1927 Casavant Frères Organ for Adelaide Cathedral

Photo of the original drawings of the 1927 Cassavant Frères Organ for St Francis Xavier Cathedral Adelaide

St Francis Xavier Catholic Cathedral, Adelaide

Work is well underway in the Wakeley Pipe Organs workshop on the refurbishment of the 1927 Casavant Frères organ, due for installation in its new home in St Francis Xavier Catholic Cathdral in Adelaide.

Originally manufactured in 1927 for St Jean de la Croix Church in Montreal, Canada, our firm shipped the organ to Australia from London, Ontario, Canada in 2005. The instrument has not been rebuilt and retains it’s original voice and integrity as a symphonic style instrument.

We completed the first stage of refurbishment 2007. This work included restoration of the windchests, bellows and action pneumatics. Due to work required in the cathedral and required fundraising, it is only now that the final stage of refurbishment and installation can be carried out.

The layout of the organ is the same as it was installed in Montreal. A new 16’ façade and casework will be installed, designed to match the interior of the church.

Completion is due for September, 2015. Please check back here regularly for more updates on the progress of this project.



Photo of the St Francis Xavier Positif Expression Enclosure During AssemblyPhoto of the St Francis Xavier Positif Winding in the Wakeley Pipe Organs WorkshopPhot of the St Francis Xavier Positif Windchests and Walkways in the Wakeley Pipe Organs Worskhop

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