Audio Gallery

 The Organ of Hawthorn Presbyterian Church

1892 Fincham & Hobday
3 manuals, 26 stops
Restored 2001-2004 Wakeley Pipe Organs

Vox Nautica Light and Sound Installation

2013 Denise Higgins and Gary Smith
12 Bourdon Pipes
Pipe Supply, Repairs, and Technical Consultation, 2013 Wakeley Pipe Organs

Video courtesy of Denise Higgins

The Bourdon pipes sounded live in the installation, through midi programming, their sound as a felt and heard experience as they are low and deep in tone. This meant many visitors spent time with the hands directly on the boat hull, on their own  personal journeys. However that is not so captured on the soundtrack. - DH

 The Organ of Gulangyu Organ Museum

1909 Norman & Beard
3 manuals, 21 stops
Relocated & Installed 2005 Wakeley Pipe Organs