Beechworth Town Hall Organ Making Headlines on National TV

The relocation of the organ (builder unknown) from St Alban’s Anglican Church, North Melbourne to the Beechworth Town Hall featured on ABC National News. The organ was discovered to be the same organ that had originally been in the Beechworth Town Hall, and has returned home. Read the full story on the ABC News site […]

Conservation for 1865 Walker Organ

We are excited to announce that we have won the contract for the conservation of the 1865 Walker organ. The St Stephen’s project is currently at the mid way point, and includes cleaning, preservation and minor repairs to all parts, releathering of the bellows and hand feeders and wind chests, and careful conservation work to preserve […]

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Look for our new 微信/WeChat follow and 微博/Weibo share buttons You may have noticed a few changes on our website lately. We are particularly happy you can now connect with us on 微信/WeChat using our new WeChat follow button. You will find the button in the bottom right hand corner of our site pages. The QR […]

Virtually in Place

St Francis Xavier Catholic Cathedral, Adelaide  As the refurbishment of the 1927 Casavant Frères instrument nears completion in the Wakeley Organs workshop in Melbourne, hot off the press of Grieve Gillett Dimitty Andersen Architects in Adelaide, the 3D working models of the organ set the scene for its arrival at the Cathedral. The casework is […]

Photo of the 1886 Alfred Crook organ after restoration in St Mary the Virgin, South Caulfield

Work complete on Historic c1886 Crook Organ

Our firm’s restoration and relocation of the c1886 Alfred Crook organ in the Anglican-Catholic Church of St Mary the Virgin in Caulfield South is now complete. Originally built around 1886 by Crook for his residence in Brunswick, the instrument was later installed in his residence at Lockwood. In 1893, the organ was relocated to the […]